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Szybkie odczuwalne efekty – poczuj się pewniej już po 3 miesiącach

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Jesteśmy Twoim partnerem w nauce języka angielskiego, a nie sklepikiem z gotowymi kursami

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Na początku badamy Twój poziom językowy i ustalamy cel, jaki chcesz osiągnąć. Następnie nasze Lektorki_nasi Lektorzy przygotowują dedykowany scenariusz kursu, szyty na Twoją miarę.

Uczymy online w trybie 1:1

Stawiamy na konwersacje 1:1 lub w parach. Dzięki 100% skupieniu się Lektorki_Lektora na Twoich potrzebach, poczujesz efekty znacznie szybciej.

Szeroki zakres tematyczny

Dopasowujemy się do interesującej Ciebie tematyki, abyś szybko czuła_czuł się swobodnie mówiąc po angielsku. Potrzebujesz inspiracji? Nasze Kursantki_nasi Kursanci najczęściej wybierają General English, Business English lub IT English.

Przetestuj naszą metodę bez zobowiązań

Podczas lekcji próbnej poznasz swoją wymarzoną Lektorkę_Lektora i określimy Twój poziom angielskiego.

Pomagamy naszym Kursantkom_Kursantom w szybkim czasie:

płynnie mówić podczas spotkań zawodowych

przygotować się do rozmowy o pracę

przygotować się do targów/eventów branżowych

podszkolić słownictwo przed rozpoczęciem kursów/szkoleń w języku angielskim

prowadzić prezentacje sprzedażowe w języku angielskim

poczuć się pewnie i swobodnie podczas wakacji za granicą

podszkolić branżowe słownictwo

poznać podstawy języka przed przeprowadzką do innego kraju

Uczymy od blisko 10 lat. Przeszkoliliśmy skutecznie 3000 dorosłych osób.

Zobacz recenzje Absolwentek_Absolwentów – mówią same ze siebie:

Uczymy od blisko 10 lat. Przeszkoliliśmy blisko 3000 dorosłych osób.

Zobacz recenzje Absolwentek_Absolwentów – mówią same ze siebie:

09:12 23 Feb 24
I developed my English with Talkers for a year. I am very pleased with the results and I praise you at every possible opportunity. The best proof of this is that my fiancée has also been using your services for several months.My goal was to start working in an international environment, which I achieved!
20:10 22 Feb 24
I recommend Talkers. They helped me achieve my goal of English proficiency. Very professional and very nice teachers!
Emilia PilgujEmilia Pilguj
19:45 22 Feb 24
A fantastic place to break language barriers!
Anna KwintaAnna Kwinta
10:23 09 Feb 24
I recommend! An interesting and convenient form of the course and an approach that allows you to forget about the typical school approach to learning. Hassle-free contact with the Talkers team.
Karolina PłochockaKarolina Płochocka
10:24 08 Feb 24
I'm very satisfied with the lessons with my native speaker- Nancy.I feel more confident and see the progress.Lessons with her are really practical, we have a lot of conversions but also reading and listening exercises.I learn new words in every lesson.If i have a problem with understanding, Nancy will explain it in a different way :)We always have fun and can talk on every topic!
Przemysław NiemczukPrzemysław Niemczuk
09:16 08 Feb 24
I am very satisfied with the service. Finally, after 3 attempts, I found a teacher (Baś) who knows how to arrange everything so that I can feel real progress 🙂
Paweł PawlakPaweł Pawlak
12:45 07 Feb 24
I met Talkersi because I was introduced to Wiktor - the creator of the project. We quickly established a good connection and I decided to trust the talkers' services.My English allowed me to freely understand written texts and most spoken content. Unfortunately, the speech was completely "rusty". Lack of fluency, lack of confidence in myself and language, and feeling like I sound like an idiot when I "try" to communicate in English.I needed the language because I decided to expand my business and enter the English-speaking market. I work as a hypnotherapist. A rich language full of metaphors and stories is my basic tool. I must feel completely confident in my speech and freely use a wide range of vocabulary, often even resorting to the language of poetry.Did Talkers give me what I was looking for? And how! I have already had many sessions with native speakers and each time I received feedback that I sounded as if it was my native language!Something beautiful!Thanks for making my professional dreams come true!As a nice bonus, I will add that the selection of my teacher during the course was spot on! I got a Talkers with very similar interests to mine, with whom I simply had a great time 🙂
Jacek ZawłockiJacek Zawłocki
10:47 07 Feb 24
Coordinating lessons for over 50 participants - in a short time - is quite a challenge! Talkers did an excellent job, we appreciate their immediate responsiveness and flexibility of settlements.
07:19 10 Jan 24
I've been learning English online with the school for almost a year, and I'm 100% satisfied with their contents, friendly support for the people living in overseas, and continuous dedication for my personal progress. I think these schools are ultimately depends on the teacher you met, but for my case, she is the best and still doing so awesome to me. Thank you very much, Talkers!
Kamil SzerlągKamil Szerląg
20:33 21 Nov 23
I highly recommend! Thanks to the lessons at this school, I feel very comfortable speaking English. I recommend lessons with Sebastian Frączek. A very positive lecturer. You can talk to Sebastian about many interesting topics.
Karolina MarczukKarolina Marczuk
13:03 14 Nov 23
I 100% recommend this school, they teach you how to get rid of the embarrassment in speaking English, after just 6 months I can see huge progress in speaking and understanding. Learning is not burdensome thanks to well-thought-out and very pleasant teaching methods, lessons with a teacher are stress-free, it is actually time well spent talking in English, in addition, the lessons broaden your horizons, very diverse topics are covered, so you can expand your vocabulary, as for They met my expectations completely, I am very satisfied and I will definitely extend the course!
Marek KopczyńskiMarek Kopczyński
14:24 12 Nov 23
I couldn't have gone to a better language school. Great, modern approach to language learning, high level, commitment of teachers, high quality of customer service provided by the office, everything explained, very individual approach to the client. I highly, highly recommend it!
Maciej CypukowMaciej Cypukow
15:16 10 Nov 23
11:48 10 Nov 23
Everything was elegant, the barrier was broken, and the narrator Sebastian was a huge plus. I highly recommend it to anyone who is undecided 🙂
Marta GontaMarta Gonta
17:54 09 Nov 23
A unique course with an idea for methodology. Very organized, helpful and nice people 🙂 I recommend a trial lesson
Ewa IżykowskaEwa Iżykowska
16:01 30 Oct 23
This is the first English school that broke my English speaking barrier! Great methodology and very nice teachers. Attitude towards saying what is most difficult and learning based on effective methods. Every minute spent with English in Talkers is worth its weight in gold!
Paulina B.Paulina B.
20:41 27 Oct 23
I recommend the course. Many conversations with a native speaker make great progress in learning and communicating fluently. Learning by speaking teaches grammar without memorizing tenses.Additionally, the tutors during the course are very helpful and friendly.I recommend it to everyone!
Magdalena LenkiewiczMagdalena Lenkiewicz
10:23 24 Oct 23
Great English school. The teachers I met approach the classes professionally and individually. If you want to learn the secrets of the English language, do it only with them
Justyn OrzechowskiJustyn Orzechowski
09:49 22 Oct 23
I recommend! I have a great teacher with whom I can talk about everything. In English, of course. I see progress in myself and I hope that the goal I set for myself will be achieved 🙂
Kim DilKim Dil
19:52 20 Oct 23
The best decision to continue learning the language, I have been learning at Talkers for 1.5 years and I feel that I have really made a lot of progress in speaking. I recommend!
Michalina StoMichalina Sto
12:41 20 Oct 23
I recommend! Classes tailored to your needs, in a pleasant atmosphere and with quick progress!
Julia WesołowskaJulia Wesołowska
12:46 19 Oct 23
I highly recommend Talkers! Our cooperation has been successful from the very beginning. The teacher was perfectly matched to my language level, age, requirements and interests. 🙂
Marta JasińskaMarta Jasińska
12:45 12 Oct 23
The name of the company 100% corresponds to what they do - teaching "How to talk in English".The entire course management process runs smoothly and contact with the office is immediate. In case of any problems, Talkers' Guardians respond quickly and take action.Conversation teachers make you quickly stop being afraid to speak English. They helped me understand that I don't have to speak 100% grammatically correctly to communicate - and this was the biggest barrier in my case.I highly recommend cooperation with Talkers! 🙂
Monika RugeMonika Ruge
13:46 11 Oct 23
I have just finished my 2-year course, thanks to which I stopped being afraid of speaking English and gained more confidence in speaking. Thanks to the course, I broke the language barrier and communication in English became easier. Special thanks to the teacher Michalina - the hours spent talking together made the lessons a pleasure.
Mateusz BobrowskiMateusz Bobrowski
06:12 02 Oct 23
I highly recommend this language school.- Professional approach- Adjust the level to your needs- Nice and relaxed atmosphere- No problems whatsoever
Robert MarszałekRobert Marszałek
17:12 26 Sep 23
I recommend it to everyone, this is my 4th season with Liam, and I must say that I didn't expect such progress... I recommend it to everyone
Dagmara TokarskaDagmara Tokarska
09:46 26 Sep 23
A super professional school. Very flexible conditions tailored to working people. Nice, helpful and quickly responsive caregivers. The biggest advantage is Liam, my voice-over! Inspiring lessons full of interesting topics that naturally expand vocabulary and arouse curiosity. A variety of tools and solutions. I highly recommend it - my Monday mornings with Talkers are great!
Dominika AndrejkoDominika Andrejko
13:53 24 Sep 23
Great classes that greatly develop your English speaking skills 🙂 I recommend it wholeheartedly!
Marta KarolinaMarta Karolina
10:37 16 Sep 23
The best school!Do you remember your first bike ride "only" on two wheels? 🙂 I could compare the method to a situation where you fall, hit a fence and your balance is probably on a walk, but the Lector doesn't care about the fact that you didn't reach the finish line, which is 10 meters away (or that you're talking about the pimp "pimp" and not a "pimple" pimple - greetings to Teacher Basia on what was probably my funniest mistake during all the lessons 😂) only that you covered these 2 meters and now let's try to cover 3 🙂 And in the end you cover not 10 but 14 meters.The first school since the time when I had private lessons for the extended English final exam (10 years ago 😂), which encouraged me, but also made sure that I made progress (and anyone who has 1000 things on their mind knows that there will always be something more urgent to do than learning the language).In two years, we achieved a fantastic result, which is not only due to my effort (get ready for it) but primarily because I attended lessons with pleasure and commitment (which is a credit to the entire Talkers team).I would honestly recommend it to any friend!
Zofia SkłodowskaZofia Skłodowska
12:45 22 Aug 23
I really like the lessons with Mrs. Kamila, the method is well thought out, videos and homework articles are interesting and very up to date, I recommend it!
10:54 10 Aug 23
I've been learning with Talkers since June. I rate the cooperation very well, mainly due to the wonderful teacher who provides interesting topics for conversation. In addition, communication with the school administration is flawless. I heartily recommend 😊
Dorota VinogradoffDorota Vinogradoff
08:00 10 Aug 23
Great English language school. Very nice, patient Teacher, helpful Tutors and a great atmosphere. I am still at the beginning of my way to fluent English, but thanks to the teacher's approach and the school's method, I feel that it is getting better with each step. I heartily recommend Talkers. Really worth.
Katarzyna KKatarzyna K
12:07 02 Aug 23
I highly recommend Talkersi language school. A non-standard teaching system facilitates the acquisition of knowledge in a very interesting way. The teachers I had the opportunity to work with were wonderful and very professional. I recommend it with all my heart!
Beata KBeata K
10:22 26 Feb 23
Taking the 75-hour course was one of the best decisions of my life. I am still impressed by how it helped me overcome my mental barrier and anxiety in speaking English. Breaking my barrier was just the beginning of improvements in my speaking skills. Having achieved one goal, I began to deepen my knowledge of English from every angle. I am very satisfied with the results! I recommend Talkersi to everyone who doubts their English-speaking abilities and wants to improve the quality of their communication
Great teachers and very professional school:) Recomend
13:15 20 Oct 22
I highly recommend! Finally I'm able to talk to other people thanks to their great speaking-focused method. I've had lessons with Talkersi for 8 months and there's a huge, visible difference in my english skills so far.
wieslawa świebodawieslawa świeboda
09:41 28 Jan 22
I’ve been learning English all my life, but before I found Talkersi I had had a huge speaking barrier. Fear of making mistakes truly paralyzed me. Neither English courses nor private lessons helped me - speaking was reeeeeeaaaaally stressful. Then I found the Talkersi website, I read about their method and decided to face my problem again. I was really afraid of online lessons (technical problems etc), but they convinced me to try.So after 18 months, I can recommend Talkersi to everyone with the same problem as I had 🙂 Foreign travels or phone conversations are not so stressful anymore! It’s all because of Oliwia - she’s an amazing teacher: full of energy, creative, motivating and (what’s the most important for me) also very demanding. This combination is my key to making progress and to feel confident in English. Thanks Oliwia, thanks Talkersi! You’re the best! 🙂
Daria KarasekDaria Karasek
14:15 17 Apr 20
I really love English lessons with Basia from Talkersi! She's always prepared for everything and chooses topics that are useful, interesting and valuable at the same time. And that's not an easy task.

Jak szybko zapisać się na lekcję próbną?

1. Rozmowa wstępna w celu zbadania potrzeb
2. Dobranie Lektorki_Lektora i terminu
3. 60-minutowa lekcja zapoznawcza
4. Przedstawienie oferty skrojonej na miarę Twoich potrzeb

W czym się specjalizujemy?

General English

To kurs dla Ciebie jeżeli Twoim celem jest płynne i swobodne komunikowanie się po angielsku w codziennych sytuacjach. Poziom dopasowany dla osób na początku swojej przygody z angielskim jak i dla tych, którzy chcą wejść na wyższy level.

Business English

Interesujesz się rozwojem zawodowym lub komunikujesz się po angielsku w pracy? Dzięki zajęciom wyspecjalizujesz się w mowie biznesowej i korporacyjnej oraz zwrotach formalnych.

IT English

Język angielski w sektorze IT to absolutna podstawa komunikacji. Na lekcjach poznasz żargon specyficzny dla branży IT i podszkolisz umiejętności prowadzenia rozmów wokół projektów IT.

Dlaczego nasz kurs?

U nas 60 minut zajęć = 60 minut skupienia na Tobie

Na lekcjach grupowych uwaga rozkłada się na każdego w grupie. Ile minut przypada na Ciebie?

60 minut przy grupie 6 osób -> 10 minut dla Ciebie
60 minut przy grupie 15 osób -> 4 minuty dla Ciebie
60 minut przy grupie 30 osób -> 2 minuty dla Ciebie

Dlatego stawiamy wyłącznie na lekcje indywidualne lub w parach, aby zwiększyć efektywność nauki nawet kilkukrotnie!

Mierzymy Twój postęp autorskim narzędziem

Nie ma nic bardziej motywującego od widocznych efektów. Nasze Metodyczki stworzyły autorskie rozwiązania (Target’s Sheet i Progress Reports), które pięknie obrazują Twoje kolejne kroki milowe.

Twoja Lektorka_Twój Lektor co 10 lekcji mierzy i przedstawia Ci Twoje postępy. Dokładnie wiecie na czym jeszcze musicie popracować, a co udało Wam się osiągnąć w ostatnich tygodniach.

92% Kursantek_Kursantów realizuje z nami swoje cele w 2023r.

Słuchamy potrzeb naszych Kursantek_Kursantów i robimy wszystko, aby usuwać bariery w nauce języka angielskiego. Dobieramy Lektorki_Lektorów, którzy swoją energią i postawą inspirują do działania.

Niektóre Kursantki_niektórzy Kursanci potrzebują Lektorki_Lektora z „bacikiem”, aby zmotywować się do działania. A inni Lektorki_Lektora wspierającego, który poprowadzi lekcje w spokojnej atmosferze bez oceniania. W Talkersach indywidualność cenimy ponad wszystko!

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Wiesz czego potrzebujesz? Sprawdź nasze unikalne pakiety!

Nie chcesz czekać na lekcję próbną? Zależy Ci na szybkim rozpoczęciu kursu i wiesz czego dokładnie potrzebujesz?
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