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Apply for an online position of an English teacher!

Join the teachers’ Dream Team!

Believe in yourself and do not hesitate to send your CV. Do you have a passion for communication, a lot of sympathy and faith in people? If so, don’t be blocked by the lack of a master’s degree in English studies! We focus on practical skills and flow! If:

✅ stable schedule tailored to you is your dream;

✅ remote work is your comfort zone;

✅ you value working with adult students;

✅ you want to develop further with the support of methodologist, buddies;

✅ payment settlement and other formalities aren’t your cup of tea;

✅ you have EU citizenship or live in Poland;

✅ your English sounds well;

then we’ve got a match! Apply now and let’s do something fun together.

What is it that you DO NOT need to join us?

experience working at schools
(it’s enough to have any English
teaching experience, e.g. tutoring)

specialist education

proficiency in Polish

language diplomas
or teaching certificates

rigid lesson rules

full-time availability

We could talk about working with us for hours…

…but perhaps you only need to read the list of the most frequently asked questions about working in Talkersi.

Have you decided that you want to become a Talkers?

Contact us at the address below and remember that there is only one first impression!

Learn about the benefits of working in Talkersi!

Long-term cooperation
Our teachers usually stay with us for almost 3 years and we are looking for such people to join our Team

Stable remote work
regular earning from home, a quiet cafe or other comfortable places

Lessons with adults
You conduct lessons with people engaged in learning

Schedule tailored to you
Ensuring expected remuneration for work at your preferred hours

The Administration Team takes care of searching for clients, organising classes and payments for you

You have the support of Methodologists who care about the development of your skills

We put our money on values of Talkersi!

Get to know Culture Book, which is the essence of our values and how we work. We make all decisions based on them – check if they overlap with yours.

“What binds us together is shared mission and values. Get to know us and how we create a company that changes Polish reality every day – word by word, sentence by sentence, lesson by lesson.”

Be a part of our history!

Our Dream Team consists of over 80 highly competent and interesting people. Join us!

6 countries
Our teachers come from this many countries. These include Ukraine, England or Ireland!

An invoice for PLN 8,330.85
was issued by our current record holder – Basia for one month of work.

Over 6 years
That is the longest time some of our teachers have worked with us for. The average working time of our team is 2 years and 9 months.

A short video on how and why it is worth working with us!

Do you know the language but don’t know how to use your competences? Or vice versa – are you a teacher with passion and experience but you do not like the marketing and administrative part of your work?

Get to know the opinion of our employees

“Working at Talkersi proves to be the kind of experience young people often look for – you get to meet a lot of different people and every single one of them has a story to tell – helping them find the words for it is part of the reward!”

Dominika, English Teacher

“Working at Talkersi is a boost of positive energy and an adventure, in which you can meet interesting people from all over Poland on a daily basis. We invite you to visit our House of Talkersi in Gdynia to find out for yourself!”

Ania, Administration

Our courses are trusted by brands such as

Hi! I’m Wiktor Jodłowski – CEO & Founder of Talkersi. Join our Dream Team!

Do you know English and want to earn money by using it? Are you a teacher with passion and experience but do not like your work’s organisational part? If you have a passion for communication, sympathy, and faith in people, we will take this administrative hustle off you!

Mail us!

Get to know the administration team, which students regularly assess at 92% and higher!

Karolina, Payment coordinator

Karolina makes sure that the courses are always paid on time, because the continuity of learning is a key factor of your success. She is interested in news from the gaming world and playing the newest, as well as the older games. She loves taking care of rabbits and, in addition to taking care of her own two, she also tries to help those in need.

Asia, HR assistant

Responsible for performing office activities, organizing the necessary documents and supervising the personnel documentation of employees. On a daily basis, a happy mother of two children. An animal lover, she has a bearded agama Leosia (a lizard) at home. She loves journeys, both near and far. She loves walks in the woods, Italian and Mexican cuisine and chocolate in all its forms. A lover of sewing on a machine.

Aleksandra K, Recruitment & Onboarding / Marketing Teams

A graduate of English studies and a student of work and business psychology. She loves learning foreign languages, watching crime documentaries, singing and dancing. Her natural habitat is a seaside beach or a town in the south of Italy. Her greatest sources of happiness are her cat, sunny days, colors and afternoon naps. In addition to Recruitment & Onboarding, she is being trained in social media management in the Talkersi Marketing Team.

Ala, Opiekunka Talkersa

Ala supports payment activities. She claims that there are no unsolvable issues, only things that require more dialogue. A huge lover of the sea, peace and cats, who can read books for hours.

Oliwia, HR Team Leader

In Talkersi Oliwia took her first steps as a teacher. For two years she taught English with great passion and enthusiasm. Then she developed as a recruiter and onboarding specialist. Currently, Oliwia is our HR Leader 🙂 She does everything in her power to make employees understood, heard and satisfied with being a Talkers. Oliwia is a graduate of translation and management, and is currently studying English studies. Privately, Oliwia is a person who feels best in the vicinity of her immediate family, and her favorite form of relaxation is relaxing in the company of the latest books by Remigiusz Mróz.

Sara, Sales Team

She watches over the introduction of new students to the meanders of the Talkersi system. When you first contact the office, you may come across Sara. She will tell you what the first steps of cooperation look like, clear up all ambiguities and listen to your needs, so that the course is tailored to your preferences. Privately, she is fascinated by the human and animal psyche and everything is alive. Nowhere does she feel as good as at the beach in Gdynia and in the Gdynia forest. Ah, and she loves skateboarding and walking the dogs 🐕

Grażka, Marketing Team

As a member of the marketing team, Grażka creates the visual part of Talkersi communication. She specializes in computer graphics, photography and film, and her creations, both entertaining and advertising, can be viewed on our Facebook profile 🙂 Privately, she is passionate about winter sports, arcade games, coffee and good food.

Sonia, COO

Long story short about Sonia's history in Talkersi: started from Doradczyni (Sales Team), through the Leader of that department to the COO. Business psychologist. Some people call her "Mrs Table". More of a fact, but also a bit of fun 😉 A fan of her two feline adoptives, as well as feminatives and working on communication. The best time after work for her includes forest walks and bird watching, soy flat white, macao with friends, plant-based food and bicycle trips.

Nikola, Opiekun Talkersa Team Leader

Nikola, apart from overseeing the work of the Opiekun Talkersa Team, loves to approach everyday activities in a creative way and find innovative solutions. She spends her free time outdoors, cycling or rollerblading. The biggest fan of true crime, hip-hop culture and sudoku. If you need advice on any matter, Nikola will be happy to help you or direct you to the appropriate department 🙂

Karolina, Recruitment & Onboarding Team Leader

After more than five years of Karolina's work as a teacher, her additional career path as a recruiter-onboarding specialist turned into a full-fledged role. Her task is to supervise the Recruitment and Implementation Teams, as well as welcome new teachers to Talkersi thresholds. As a graduate of English studies with a specialization in literature, she is passionate about the analysis of movies and books, especially those involving fantasy and all kinds of mythology. In her free time, she is considered an amateur artistic soul, whose greatest dream is to write her own book (even if it's unpublished) and become the guardian of a (necessarily) large dog.

Natalia, Payment coordinator

Natalia watches over the issues related to payments. As a person who enjoys listening to people and seeing the world from different perspectives, she is happy to help you find a solution. A lover of Indian cuisine and green tea connoisseur. Definitely animal-loving, loves to observe her (no longer) wild cats in her free time. She absolutely loves the mountains and on bike trips.

Julia, Sales Team

For as long as she remembers she has been interested in learning foreign languages. She will certainly instill that in you with it and get down to business so that you can start your adventure with the English language as soon as possible. 🙂 Outside of work, she trains, walks with her four-legged friend, and learns English and Spanish. Books and series are also no strangers to her. In the summer season she spends weekends in Kashubia with which she is fascinated.

Mart (they/them), Opiekunowie Talkersa

On a daily basis, Mart deal with the organisation of the schedules for both clients and teachers. Passionate about perfumes, fragrances collectors. Interested in politics, activism, psychology and culture. Glitter lover 🙂

Ola, Payment Team Leader

Ola is a link between clients and the accounting office, she also cares about the transparency of Talkersi finances. She treats each student individually and with great empathy. She helps every administration employee, sharing her knowledge and experience as a person with the longest experience in the office. After working hours, she is a great fan of natural cosmetics that she composes herself. She is passionate about ballet – actively and passively – and cats.

Lara, Opiekunka Talkersa

Lara, like her teammates, organizes the schedule of students and teachers. Before you see Lara, you will hear her loud laugh. She is the biggest fan of sunrises and sunsets. An enthusiast of embroidery and analog photography. A positive pragmatist and an eternal mocker of life!

Zuzia, Sales Team Leader

An attentive observer with an individual approach to people, who will be happy to learn about your story with English and together with you will try to change its ending to a happy one. She will be happy to organize an introductory lesson for you, choose the right teacher and arrange the details of the course, so that learning with Talkersi proceeds with flying colors. Passionate about improving life by expanding knowledge on various topics. She spends her free time in nature with her four-legged friend or with friends visiting the city's nooks and crannies. A fan of team sports, self-development, popular science books, dogs and funfacts.

Ania, Marketing Team Leader

A girl from the Tri-City who is crazy about traveling, music and cooking. At Talkersi she is responsible for brand communication and the execution of marketing plans, and after hours she fulfills herself in the backstage of video production and photo sessions. At home, she loves board games, puzzles and painting, and in the open air you will meet her windsurfing or snowboarding.

Join the Talkersi Team and begin your unforgettable career

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