A life of a digital nomad


What is a picture evoking in your mind when you hear a word 'travelling’? Are you smiling when you are imagining it? Is that a pleasant, vivid image of your very last or very first trip, holidays you have been to? What does that image in your mind present? Where is that place? Is it any fond memory or any particular emotion you are feeling in your body?

When you answer these questions you will know better what travelling really means to you and what role it plays: is that a part of your life, an interest, an escape from duties and hard work? 

Judging from my experience I must admit: although travelling is amazing it can be highly addictive! So watch out! Especially you who while reading and answering questions you have got in your mind many picturesque, dynamic images and also you have felt an excitement, a kind of nostalgia (because you are not there physically anymore) and a huge smile on your face.

One who is crazy about travelling and for whom travelling gives a permanent adventure, adrenaline but also a temporary home, the job is a digital nomad. 

It is someone who is passionate about going to places and does not want to feel limited by staying and living in a hometown, doing stationary work and experiencing the same daily activities. He chose to be unrooted. That means not living in his home country but moving from one to another area – does not matter whether it is a city, an island, a continent! He is an independent person with a strong will to explore and experience the unknown.

 He is simply captured by a travelling spirit so to say. He sees the world he lives in as a global village where we have access to all around. Those places due to means of transport and touristic information are no longer a dream from documentaries or postcards but they invite him to visit and stay for a while.

Beforehand (or even nowadays in some tribes living in Sahara or Mongolia) nomads used to move on foot or they were riding animals like camels, horses, donkeys. All their belongings were taken with them as if they were turtles, moving slowly with no rush. A new type of nomad carries his full backpack wherever he goes.

 A difference is that the modern nomad travels alone, he meets along with his way tourists, travellers, other nomads but he is like a sailor – freely chooses his course and destination guided by the feeling that the very new place is going to be the temporary home and a source of new explorations for him.

Nomads in the past were forced to migrate constantly looking for living resources, goods, water or grass for their animals. Modern ones are free to choose, are driven by an adventure calling or a pleasant feeling to stay and relax and get themselves to work…

The digital nomad is not a gipsy though. Maybe he is an unrooted individual but he has the idea to work independently using any new technology and the Internet so he becomes a freelancer. That is why we call him digital because he is online. His work is based on artistic occupations or running an online business, writing as a journalist or as a writer, vlogging, blogging, having a YouTube channel, doing IT jobs like programming, graphic designing etc. 

Where can you find them? They are from countries with city life, individualism, education and career opportunities and high living standards. This background makes them feel bored, tired, trapped in a bubble of living comfortably according to social expectations to be successful, wealthy and occupied with a job and a family. 

These people want something more from their life and the fear of changing does not stop them from reaching goals. As they outstand – having different values and priorities, they are not able to meet some society’s criteria. So these individuals leave their homeland and follow the adventure spirit to see wonders so they become wonder lust people. The most popular destination for digital nomads is South-East Asia: from Thailand to Indonesia where they can get visas easily, where days are warm and sunny, where all you can call exotic.

Digital nomads miss a kind of freedom to choose to experience the diversity of the world as they perceive it as a global village. They show us a completely new perspective on lifestyle and life values. The whole planet can be our home, you are neither tied to your job nor to your hometown, homeland. Nothing can stop you. Just your mind and fear, prejudices about people and cultures may hold back.


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Author: Patrycja B. from Talkersi

Edited by: Magda O. from Talkersi

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